Girahsys Software Services, Inc., having been established in 2005, has been providing medical transcription services successfully to varied clientele. Located in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Girahsys has a natural advantage in recruiting highly-skilled and efficient personnel as both medical transcriptionists and quality assessors.
We take pride in associating ourselves with premier MT companies, and having a fruitful and mutually satisfying association with each one of them.
We provide transcription services 24x7 to keep with varied turn-around-time and with assured quality as required by clients the world over.
Medical transcription (MT) is the art and science of accurately converting medical voice files into typewritten data which holds good as the patient's record in particular.
The history of MT can be traced back to over 50 years ago, when secretaries to physicians utilized typewriters and assiduously typed dictations, without much know-how about medical terminologies and context. With realization about the efficacy and utility of such a powerful tool, dawned dedicated efforts at customization f personnel who would deliver an accurate document which was not only precise medically but also accurate grammatically and thus was spawned the global industry of medical transcription.


Document and data confidentiality and security strictly maintained.
100+ Highly qualified Medical Transcriptionists, Editors, and Quality Assessors.
Ability to handle dictations of any specialty of medicine, pertaining to any report/worktype.
Integrated FTP services for automatic file upload/download.
Workflow management instantly transfers dictations to appropriate Transcriptionist.
Well-trained workforce with abilities to handle both online and offline platforms.
Supports document format of .TXT,.DOC,.WPD.
Choice of 6,12,24,48 hours turn-around time.
An in-house efficient training program, ensuring a constant supply of MT's.
Qualified trainers conducting Continuing Medical Education programs regularly to update the workforce.